Customer Testimonials

At X-Factor , we believe our products speak for themselves and this is proven to us by our many customers who send us letters on a daily basis. Below are few of the highlights that we would like to share with everyone.


"Hey Todd, Eddie here. I met you at the Greensboro show the last 2 years and have bought 2 complete systems from you. I have enclosed the 2 pics I showed you at the show. I can't say enough how well your system has worked for me. Groups have shrunk in half and bow noise has been quieted significantly. Hope you are doing well. God Bless" 

Eddie Edmonson -- Aberdeen, NC


"Todd, I just wanted to tell you that the information you provided on Saturday at the Houston Hunters Extravaganza was interesting and made a lot of sense. After purchasing your products, I went home and shot a few arrows with my old SIMs products to get a feel for my old equipment so I would have a point of reference once I added your products to my Bowtech Guardian. It took me about 25 minutes to change out my stabilizer and add your quick disconnect and stabilizer and then add the limb stabilizers. I did not add the string silencers at this point. I began shooting at 20 yards and even with the first shot could feel the difference and and my very quiet bow was even quieter. It is not often I get excited about new products but the stop at your booth was the best information I received all day. Thanks for your time and I will be purchasing this equipment for my sons and will try to talk all my bow hunting friends into purchasing these products. Again thank you for your time and I hope your trip to the Houston show was a success for your company."

Jim Langer


"Hey Todd! I had the most pleasant surprise the other day. While working the freight truck that came in, I came across your product!!! I can't tell you how excited I am to carry it. If you remember you sent me a package for my Iceman like a year ago and I sent you a picture of a doe I killed the first time out. I have been beating the drum about you guys to my corporate office ever since (buyers, merchants, retail specialists) and I am so happy that they brought you on board! By the way, I am still shooting the same package including the original string silencers on my bow!!! Unreal! I will probably buy another stabilizer but only because it comes in camo now. Product is all still like new and has been to hell and back. Truly remarkable what you have. Hope you and your wife are well and again, welcome aboard! God bless."

Kevin J. Gierat - Hunting Manager - Bass Pro Shops - Bolingbroke. IL


"Todd, We spoke at length this past weekend in Greensboro, NC . I was wearing a 'Limbsaver' cap and you apologized for showing me what you thought was a better product. After purchasing and installing a 6 " stabilizer, string and limb factors, I totally agree this IS a better product. I shoot almost daily in my backyard, with the garage wall on one side and a row of trees on the other. The sound of my High Country Carbon 4 - Runner is amplified due to this closed in space. Not only did the vibration almost disappear, the sound is drastically reduced. A definite improvement! My tighter shot groups are just an added benefit. Thanks for an excellent product that really does live up to it's billing. Best regards." 

Jay Hemingway -- Raleigh, NC


"Todd, recently my brother and nephew attended the Houston Hunting Show where they met you or your rep, they purchased the Factor Combo from ya'll. To make a long story short my brother is very hard to please when it comes to his bow, but he was calling from the archery range to tell me how great it was and that it did everything you had told him and more. It helped tighten his long distance group down to a consistent 4" and better and he shoots all the time. Also my nephew is seeing a lot of improvement and so is my grand nephew , who ya'll gave one to, you made believers!"

Jason Smith -- Katy , Texas


"I bought a F-6 camo with a X-weight from the Pee Dee Deer Classic in Florence Aug.1, 2010 and my groups have improved. My 340 Destroyer really hold better when on target with the extra weight and my bow is very quite.Thanks for making a great product."

Calvin Owens